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The Book Worm's Corner.     Comments From Helpful Books. 

Tales From My Back Porch. Darrell Case, Leaning Tree Christian Publishers, P.O. Box 6124 Terre Haute, IN 47802. 10 Chapters, 165 pages. $9.95.

Darrell has hit a grand slam with this book. Ten stories that will keep you turning pages with one hand and a hanky in the other. I did not want to lay it down.

Chapter One, The Best Day, brought back many memories of Larry and I’s honeymoon trip. This chapter should be required reading for any couple who that is facing a cooling off in their marriage. Each chapter is a page turner.

​The third chapter, Reverend Dillard’s Dilemma, is a moving tale that could be the biography of any preacher in a small church, especially if he had experienced great success in a former pastorate. Larry said, “Darrell needs to put this chapter into a pamphlet for every pastor of a small church to read.” I agree, this chapter is one of the most inspiring stories of coping that I have read.

​Jeff Dillard learned that God loved him, despite the lack of unction on display at Wayside Baptist. That God loves us despite appearance is a lesson worth learning at the heart level. Tales From My Back Porch is on sale this month! GET IT. JDL.

Editor's Note: Joyce is not over stating the power in this book. It's the best from the experienced pen Darrell uses to let the gift of God given to him spring forth blessings for all who will read Tales From My Back Porch

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